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Chiropractics 115th Birthday
Meet Our Staff
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Chiropractics 115th Birthday!

On September 18, 1895 the first chiropractic adjustment was given in Davenport, Iowa by Dr. Daniel David Palmer, (born a Canadian from Port Perry, Ontario) The first chiropractic patient was Harvey Lillard, a janitor in the building D.D. (as he was most commonly called) had his office (the Ryan building on the corner of Brady and 2nd Street in Davenport Iowa). Harvey had lost his hearing from a fall 17 years before meeting D.D. D.D. offered to check his spine for what appeared to be a misaligned spinal bone, that may have influenced the function of his hearing.

Within three days of that first adjustment, Harvey had his hearing completely restored, and D.D. had established himself in the eyes of the community as a healer. This is the true story of the first chiropractic adjustment. While the story appears miraculous, D.D. had been preparing himself for the opportunity that presented itself in the form of Harvey Lillard. Prior to that adjustment, D.D. had been practicing magnetic healing, studying anatomy and physiology, and studying the work of his contemporaries such as A.J.Still, the founder of Osteopathy.  

From his studies, D.D. reasoned that since the nervous system was known to be the communication system in the body, interference to the nervous system would interfere with normal body function and homeostasis. Examining the anatomy of the body, he reasoned that due to the location of the spinal cord within the spine, and the departure of paired spinal nerves from the spinal cord through holes formed by two adjacent vertebrae, misalignments of those adjacent vertebrae would interfere with the function of those paired nerves. The first adjustment he gave was the first opportunity he had to test his theory in practice. The public response to the first adjustment was very enthusiastic.

The news spread very quickly, and people with very diverse ailments were responding to Palmer's new "hand treatments" - those with asthma, skin conditions, digestive problems, headaches, epilepsy, sciatica...the list went on and on. One of Palmer's early patients was Rev. Samual Weed, a scholar who took the Greek word for "hand", cheir, and "done by", praktos, and put them together as chiropractic, meaning, literally, "done by the hand."

Palmer began to research and refine the art, science, and philosophy of this new healing system. He is known as the "Discoverer" of Chiropractic. Within 3 years, the Palmer School of Chiropractic was started, and in its first class of 12 students, 6 were practicing medical doctors. However, the most important student in that first class was D.D.'s son, Bartlett Joshua Palmer. B.J. took over the school shortly after his graduation.  

B.J. is often referred to as "the Developer" of Chiropractic, for his role in developing new techniques and for introducing the newly discovered X-rays for chiropractic diagnosis of the Subluxation. Given the modern perception that chiropractic is an effective treatment only for back or neck pain, it is significant that the first adjustment did not address pain of any kind. Chiropractic was founded as a health care system that has an impact on the entire body, and that foundation has allowed chiropractic to grow into the second largest health care system in this country that has over 50,000 practicing chiropractors adjusting over 5 million different people each year. Please remember that everyone needs to be free from subluxations so visiting local chiropractor may be the most important thing you can do!



Meet The Staff

From the Desk of
Karl E. Mueller, D.C.

Has been in practice for over 21 years in the Lehigh Valley. Graduate of York College Of Pennsylvania with a B.S. degree in Human Biology. Graduate of Pennsylvania College of Straight Chiropractic in 1989. Areas of specialty include Chiropractic Orthopedics, Rehabilitation, and Electrodiagnostians. Doctor Mueller is a dynmaic speaker and lecturer in the field of health and wellness. Reconized in 1993 as the Doctor of the Month through Markson Mangement Services.

Princeton's Who's Who in Chiropractic. Nonimated by Governor Tom Ridge to the State Board of Chiropractic in 1996. Dr. Mueller has been active in the community politcally receiving recongnition through the local and state parties. Dr. Mueller sits on local boards including youth and community service. He is a member of the Knights of Columbus 10921 Council, and has achieved the level of For! th Degree Knight. He is a member of the Honor Guard for the Allentown Archdiocese. He has been a youth coach for over 14 years, past President of Parkland Football Boosters, and currently a PIAA official in Basketball. Dr. Mueller is part of the fabric of our community, he resides with his wife Michelle in Orefield, and he has 2 sons, Troy and Tyler.

Office Manager-
Michelle Mueller

Associate Degree in Liberal Arts at OCC. Worked for medical and as well as chiropractic offices and has 25 years experience. Areas of interests include insurance billing with certification as a Chiropractic Assistant through NYCC/Markson Management Services. Past President of Common Wealth Allied Health Services and Review. Active in local politics and received the Golden Tusk Award. Active in the community including church, youth organizations, High School Football and Basketball Booster Clubs.

Massage Therapist/Chiropractic Assistant-
Annette Marth

Certified in Massage Therapy for the past 15 years. Educated through St. John's Neuromuscular Pain Relief Institute, including Health Options Institute. Also certified as a Chiropractic Assistant in the field of adjunctive therapy through NYCC/MMS. She has been working for Dr. Mueller for the past 15 years.


-JJ Virgin, PhD, CNS/Celebrity Wellness Expert

In my work on the Dr. Phil Show, the entire crew utilizes Chiropractic care.  We have directly seen its positive effects on our own health and well being. But more so, we have keenly observed those guests on the show in our "Biggest Loser" segments that do not use Chiropractic care.  The difference in overall health is markedly different. 

It is my sincerest suggestion to you that the greatest gift you can give yourself, and those of whom you love, as well as those that love you, is the gift of health and well being. Your Chiropractor is an expert in these areas. Please ask for suggestions to make your life and the life of your loved ones the very best it can be.


Having trouble losing weight and keeping it off?

Could be your on-again, off-again relationship with food. Curling up with quinoa and fresh veggies one week, then rebounding with ice cream and French fries the next is often a recipe for weight loss resistance. Don’t assume you can easily work off those extra calories at the gym following a weekend of sweets or a carbo-loaded vacation.  

These short-term lapses in healthful eating habits can have a long-term impact on your health and well-being. A recent study out of Sweden found that people who upped their caloric intake and dropped their fitness regimen for just a month still retained some of that weight gain two and a half years later, even after they’d returned to their normal fitness and nutrition plans.

The study authors said this could be because overindulgences boost your body fat levels and even change your body composition. I suspect there may be additional factors at work as well, because the more you treat yourself to sweet, salty, or fatty foods, the more you crave them and the harder it is to stop.  

Higher carb and damaged-fat food can also contribute to leptin and insulin resistance, which then makes you better at storing fat and worse at burning it off and adds to the problem. And by quitting the exercise, you lower your ability to handle stress well and could lose precious metabolism boosting muscle mass.

The easiest way to avoid this situation is to not let it happen in the first place. You may be thinking that is easier said than done, but there are a few easy strategies that you can deploy to keep you on the straight and narrow:

1. Keep a food journal

2. Hire a coach

3. Follow the “three bite rule”

4. Weigh and measure weekly

It’s often a self-defeating pattern, but you can bust out of that pattern by focusing on clean, nutritious foods like lean protein, healthy fats and non-starchy fruits and vegetables. When you make that shift, substituting more nutritious foods for your former fall-back foods and staying focused on your new lifestyle, those stubborn extra pounds often disappear AND stay off because you are healing the damage done to your metabolism.  

If you want to attain and maintain your ideal body weight, then think of healthful eating, burst training and resistance exercise, stress management and consistent high quality sleep as long-term commitments, not a one-night stand. If you cheat by sneaking soda or candy, then you’re really cheating on yourself!



Antibiotics can temporarily upset your stomach, but now it turns out that repeatedly taking them can trigger long-lasting changes in all those good germs that live in your gut, raising questions about lingering ill effects.

Nobody yet knows if that leads to later health problems. But the finding is the latest in a flurry of research raising questions about how the customized bacterial zoo that thrives in our intestines forms- and whether the wrong type or amount plays a role in ailments from obesity to inflammatory bowel disease to asthma.

Antibiotics aren't choosy and can kill off good germs as well as bad ones. But Relman and fellow research scientist Les Dethlasfsen wondered how hardy gut bacteria are, how well they bounce back. So they recriuted healthy volunteers who hadn't used antibiotics in the past year to take two five day courses of a fairly mild antibiotic, Cipro, six months apart.

Three healthy adults collected weeks of stool samples so that scientists could count exactly how two seperate rounds of Cipro caused a surprising population shift in their microbial netherworld- as some original families of germs plummeted and other types moved in to fill the gap.

After the first round, two out of three subjects bacteria levels returned to normal. After the second round, none returned to normal. "Gut communities are fundamentally important in the development of our immune system," explains Dr. David Relman of Stanford University, who led the study published Monday in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. "We may have to be more careful" about repetitive damage.  

Relman plans to track whether antibiotics duringthe first year or two of life, when youngsters form what will become their unique set of gut bacteria, seem to predispose children to later immune-related diseases. Antibiotics already should be used cautiously because they can spur infection-causing bacteria to become drug-resistant. The new research raises different questions about effects on beneficial bacteria-and if abnormalities in the microbiome really are linked to health problems, how those changes might begin.

"We should start paying attention to this" says Dr. Martin Blaser, a microbiome specialist at New York University Langone Medical Center, who wasn't involved with Relman's work but also is planning to study the issue in children. "The main point is that antibiotic use is not free in a biological sense."  

Everyone is born with an essentially sterile digestive tract, but within days the gut is overrun with bacteria from mom and dad, the environment, first foods. A healthy persons intestinal tract teems with hundreds of species of microbes, the body’s biggest concentration, with many involved in such things as digestion and immune reaction.

Scientists have discovered that overweight people harbor different types and amounts of bacteria in the gut than lean people, and that losing weight can change that bacterial makeup. They've also found links to other digestive diseases, precancerous colon polyps- and even are pursuing a theory that early use of antibiotics disrupts the developing microbiome in ways that spur autoimmune disorders.       


Health Pass Month 

October is Health Pass Month. Health pass enables any family member, friend or loved one you refer, receive their first visit at no charge. (Normally $175) 

When you or the person you wish to send in calls in for their appointment, simply have them mention the Health Pass. This program expires October 31st.    

Please call our office for your appointment today!








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