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The Goal Of Chiropractic Adjustments
Meet Our Staff
JJ Virgin PHD/Food To Eliminate 
Your Childs Health/Posture
Our Gift To You and Your Loved Ones


The Goal of Chiropractic Adjustments 

Spinal adjustments to correct subluxations are what make doctors of chiropractic unique in comparison with any other type of health care professional. The term “adjustment” refers to the specific force chiropractors apply to vertebrae that have abnormal movement patterns or fail to function normally.

Ultimately, the goal of receiving adjustments should be to restore the body to its natural state of optimal health. In order to accomplish this, chiropractors can use and recommend a variety of natural healing methods, including adjustments, trigger point therapy, nutrition, exercise rehabilitation, and counseling on lifestyle issues that impact your health. The primary focus is simply to remove those things which interfere with the body’s natural normal healing ability. The adjustment of the spine is the primary objective of a chiropractor.


Meet The Staff

From the Desk of
Karl E. Mueller, D.C.

Has been in practice for over 21 years in the Lehigh Valley. Graduate of York College Of Pennsylvania with a B.S. degree in Human Biology. Graduate of Pennsylvania College of Straight Chiropractic in 1989. Areas of specialty include Chiropractic Orthopedics, Rehabilitation, and Electrodiagnostians. Doctor Mueller is a dynmaic speaker and lecturer in the field of health and wellness. Reconized in 1993 as the Doctor of the Month through Markson Mangement Services.

Princeton's Who's Who in Chiropractic. Nonimated by Governor Tom Ridge to the State Board of Chiropractic in 1996. Dr. Mueller has been active in the community politcally receiving recongnition through the local and state parties. Dr. Mueller sits on local boards including youth and community service. He is a member of the Knights of Columbus 10921 Council, and has achieved the level of For! th Degree Knight. He is a member of the Honor Guard for the Allentown Archdiocese. He has been a youth coach for over 14 years, past President of Parkland Football Boosters, and currently a PIAA official in Basketball. Dr. Mueller is part of the fabric of our community, he resides with his wife Michelle in Orefield, and he has 2 sons, Troy and Tyler.

Office Manager-
Michelle Mueller

Associate Degree in Liberal Arts at OCC. Worked for medical and as well as chiropractic offices and has 25 years experience. Areas of interests include insurance billing with certification as a Chiropractic Assistant through NYCC/Markson Management Services. Past President of Common Wealth Allied Health Services and Review. Active in local politics and received the Golden Tusk Award. Active in the community including church, youth organizations, High School Football and Basketball Booster Clubs.

Massage Therapist/Chiropractic Assistant-
Annette Marth

Certified in Massage Therapy for the past 15 years. Educated through St. John's Neuromuscular Pain Relief Institute, including Health Options Institute. Also certified as a Chiropractic Assistant in the field of adjunctive therapy through NYCC/MMS. She has been working for Dr. Mueller for the past 15 years.


-JJ Virgin, PhD, CNS/Celebrity Wellness Expert

In my work on the Dr. Phil Show, the entire crew utilizes Chiropractic care. We have directly seen its positive effects on our own health and well being. But more so, we have keenly observed those guests on the show in our "Biggest Loser" segments that do not use Chiropractic care. The difference in overall health is markedly different.

It is my sincerest suggestion to you that the greatest gift you can give yourself, and those of whom you love, as well as those that love you, is the gift of health and well being. Your Chiropractor is an expert in these areas. Please ask for suggestions to make your life and the life of your loved ones the very best it can be.


7 Foods That Should be Blown Off This Year 

Of course, you're of the mindset that THIS is finally the year that your four food groups aren't sugar, white flour, greasy takeout and anything that hosts pepperoni. I'm proud of you for making some solid choices in the New Year to toss out the cookies, candy, cakes and muffins. Thrilled describes how I feel that you're going to avoid the obvious bad fast foods and limit your pizza intake.

But there are still sneaky "supposed health foods" that will trick you into thinking they're good for you. I want you to also blow these guys off for good.

 "Health" Foods That You Will Kiss Off in 2010:  

Light Yogurt. Yogurt plus artificial sweeteners does not equal good health. Plus regular yogurt is a carb bomb and the sweet taste just leaves you craving more sweet. Lateral shift: Greek yogurt.

Soymilk. You get a load of sugar AND a cupful of potential negative effects from soy including lowered thyroid function. Soy is one of the top genetically modified crops, bred so that it can withstand the effects of Roundup. Unfortunately, it doesn’t kill the plant but it soaks right up into it which means you get some too. Lateral Shift: Heart healthy coconut milk.

Flavored Power Waters. The power is really a blood sugar spike because these drinks are sugar, sugar and more sugar OR if you are getting the “light” version - artificial sweeteners… Lateral Shift: Sparkling water with some Emergen-C.

Energy Bars. Sugar, artificial flavorings, soy protein….check the label and see if you can pronounce much of what are in these….They are adult candy bars. Lateral Shift: Try a piece of fresh fruit OR better yet skip it altogether because you don't need this high cal snack or any snack if you're eating three great meals a day.

Lowfat Muffins. It's just an adult version of cake. Many supposed healthy muffins that call themselves banana bran whatever are just 500 calorie, sugar-packed carb bombs. Lateral Shift: 2 poached eggs and steel cut oatmeal.

No Sugar Added Jam. Remember that no sugar added means that there is already sugar from the fruit and then more added by concentrating that fruit, but they're just not dumping in table sugar. Lateral shift: spread a little almond butter on your toast and top with apple slices.

Cereal and Milk. A total carb bomb that sets you up for mid-morning blood sugar blues. Lateral Shift: Try not eating breakfast for breakfast. You can take your protein from last night plus leftover grilled veggies and make a delish wrap. That should definitely satisfy you until lunch



The Importance Of Proper Posture

The ancient Japanese art form of growing Bonsai trees is fascinating. Bonsai trees are essentially normal shrubs that have been consistently stressed in a particular way for a long time to create a posture which would never be found in nature. Depending on how the tree is stressed while it grows, it may end up looking like a miniature version of a full-sized tree, or it may end up looking like a wild tangle of branches with twists and loops. To most people, "good posture" simply means sitting and standing up straight. Few of us realize the importance of posture to our health and performance.  

The human body craves alignment. When we are properly aligned, our bones, not our muscles, support our weight, reducing effort and strain. The big payoff with proper posture is that we feel healthier, have more energy, and move gracefully. So while the word "posture" may conjure up images of book-balancing charm-school girls, it is not just about standing up straight. It’s about being aware of and connected to every part of yourself.




Doctors With A Heart

March is Doctors with a heart month in our office. If you have a friend or loved one that you feel could benefit from drugless Chiropractic Care, simply call our office at the above number and mention this special program.

Doctors with a Heart enables family members, friends, and loved ones, to receive a consultation, examination, and body composition anaylsis, on a $20 Donation basis for the first visit. (Up to a $125 Value) 

We thank you for bringing chiropractic to the needy and being a part of our Patient Appreciation Month!

Just call the office at the above number or respond to this newsletter before March 31st and mention Doctors With a Heart to make your/their appointment.  The greatest gift we can give to someone else is the gift of drugless health.

Please call our office for your appointment today!

There is no greater gift than your health!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!


We want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for referring your family and friends to us!! We are honored by your confidence in us and we thank you for your generosity and your loving concern for others.

We extend a warm welcome to all of our new practice members!!!



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